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The National Capital Area Choir

P.O. Box 1367

Washington, DC 20013


“We, the Soul Seekers of Mechanicsville, consider it a blessing to have been in fellowship with the National Capital Area Choir!  They were very energetic in their musical offerings unto the Glory of God!  We look forward to hearing and performing with them in the near future!”

  The Soul Seekers of Mechanicsville, VA


“I am grateful to extend honor towards this group of dedicated young adults.  They press on when God says go.  There is a difference in ministry and just singing.  This group has proven to push beyond the boundaries of cities and states.  They come from the Capital of our Nation to the Capital of the once Confederate State of Virginia and minister for the healing of HIV and AIDS.  They are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They will go.  They do go.  I hold them in high esteem.  They have never said no to me for a concert.  My heart rejoices when I hear of the good things from this great group.  May God continue to bless and keep you all in his care and grace.  All of my love!”

Rev. Mary P. Perez